TVB Programme "No Poverty Land" Sharing Session

The event invited Hong Kong TVB executives Zeng Zhiwei and Le Yiling, as well as host Chen Beier to participate. Guest Chen Beier shared with the audience her impressions of visiting deeply impoverished areas and successfully getting rid of poverty. The poverty alleviation feature film "No Poverty Land" was titled by China Resources Group and was well received when it was broadcast. The host Chen Beier and the team spent 3 months visiting 10 areas in the Mainland where China Resources Group helped poverty alleviation and construction. Through field visits, "No Poverty Land" presents the daily life of the residents in these CR towns after they were lifted out of poverty. Runnovation, as a publicity and display platform, gives full play to its own resource advantages, so that the audience who come to watch the film can learn about the efforts and achievements of China Resources Group in poverty alleviation work from different levels, as well as the poverty alleviation work and achievement with the hard work and efforts of China Resources people.